AutoLPG Business Trends In India
Current Trend
  1. Diversion of Domestic LPG to Auto LPG a major hitch
  2. All Large operators have adopted GO SLOW approach in development of ALDS
  3. Efforts focused to building customer opinion for LPG in Mega Cities.
  4. Legislation recently in place.
  5. In availability of facility for in house blending of ALPG
  6. Business just opened for private sectors players.
Changing Trends
  1. Improvement in Technology for Handling & Dispensing ALPG
  2. Stand alone ALDS by PSU supported Private Sectors
  3. Increased Public awareness for Environmental protection
  4. Judiciary intervention for Pollution Control
  5. Legislation now in place
  6. Fast growing trend for LPG conversion
  7. Private Sector Players now in operation
The Need
VSM ALDS Business Proposition has well addressed these NEEDS!
Wide ALDS network covering all strategic Highways & City locations, with facilities focused to ALPG User, including Kit Maintenance, Product Awareness and Assurance of continuous availability of LPG.
VSM Solicits ALDS & Cylinder testing facility inquiry for following towns of India on first come first served basis : Baroda , Delhi , Ahemdabad , Rajkot , Aagra , Pune , Mumbai , Hydrabad.
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