Auto LPG v/s Domestic LPG 
AUTO LPG V/s Domestic LPG
Use of Domestic Cylinder in place of approved conversion kit, is nothing but playing with your life. Here are some eye-openers!
  Parameter Domestic LPG Auto LPG
NO, liable for fine upto Rs. 20,000 and/or seizure of vehicle
Yes, with approved Kit
  Working Pressure(Kg / Cm2) 3 to 10 7 to 10
  Design Pressure(Kg / Cm2) 16.9 22
  Test Pressure(Kg / Cm2) 25.35 28.60

  Safety Relief Valve

  Possibility of Leakage X
  Dent on Cylinder / Tank X
  Leakage Prone Thread joints X
  Leakage of LPG in case of Tube/Pipeline rupture X


  Fail Safe Operation thru Valves X
 Fail Safe Operation thru Emergency Fuel Cutoff  Valve X
  Flameproof & Weatherproof Electrical Installations X
  Possibility of Fire X
  Driving Comfort Only when cylinder is full Till the last drop of LPG in Tank
  Emergency Tripping System X At 3 different Locations
  Overall Outlook from society viewpoint

Your Life is valuable than money, why risk using domestic LPG in place of easily available and SAFEST Mode of Economy without compromising SAFETY!  
Go for Autogas Conversion, TODAY
VSM Solicits ALDS & Cylinder testing facility inquiry for following towns of India on first come first served basis : Baroda , Delhi , Ahemdabad , Rajkot , Aagra , Pune , Mumbai , Hydrabad.
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