Business Profiles
VSM Projects Private Limited is a company incorporated in India.
Experts with varied interests in the field of manufacturing, marketing, distribution, loading/unloading, transportation, storage/warehousing, clearing & forwarding of Petrochemicals/Hydrocarbons/LPG with international presence and financially sound to meet the business requirements have promoted the company.
Company has entered into joint venture agreement with Kalvacha Group of Bulgaria to introduce proven technology in India. Kalvacha Group’s uniqueness lies in its expertise in all the LPG business activities like manufacture, import, storage, logistics (own rail & tanker network), manufacture of LPG dispensers, pumps, flow meters, etc. and design/operation/maintenance of chain of ALDS.Their investment in R&D, Technology and experience in ALDS Management will be an asset to VSM in safe & smooth steady state operations.
Main Activities of the Company are –
  Setting-up & operation of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) throughout the country
  Parallel marketing of Auto LPG
  Development of related infrastructure/products/technology replacing conventional with alternate fuels for environment preservation & protection
VSM has in-house engineering capabilities for designing of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations. All safety requirements are duly incorporated in design.

VSM promoters have rich & varied experience in erecting/commissioning/maintenance of petrochemical installations & refineries of ONGCL & GAIL. Highly skilled & technical jobs are already undertaken at various places in India & Abroad. This competence has equipped VSM to complete the entire ALDS construction at a rapid pace, safely & surely!

Organisational Strength of VSM
VSM is led by a technocrat with 22 years of experience in the field of energy & petrochemicals at senior level in PSUs & Private Sector.

The Visionaries and Founder Members of the Company are financially equipped to enrol best manpower and out-source highest ranked services to keep EXPERTISE of Company the REAL input making VSM a trend-setter in Auto Gas Business

Statutory Authorities & VSM

ALDS Siting to dovetail safety distance requirements of SMPV Rules, Town Planning Rules and Highway Margin Norms set by respective authorities.

Design & Construction follows SMPV Rules, OISD guidelines, API Standards, BiS specification and strictly following laws prevalent in this regard.
Leading Consultants from technical, taxation & commerce are engaged to keep company alert and ensure economic but hassle free operations.
VSM Solicits ALDS & Cylinder testing facility inquiry for following towns of India on first come first served basis : Baroda , Delhi , Ahemdabad , Rajkot , Aagra , Pune , Mumbai , Hydrabad.
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