LPG basics
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET – LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Chemical Name Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Chemical Classification Hydrocarbons
Synonyms LPG
Trade Name LPG
Formula C4H10 & C3H8
C.A.S.No 68476-85-7 [CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Registry Number]
U.N. No. 1075 [United Nations (UN) Numbers]
Shipping Name Label Flammable Liquid
Hazardous Ingredients:
C.A.S. No.
1 Butane 74-98-6 3
2 Propane 106-97-8 4 
Boiling Point -21.3 °C
Physical State Gas (at storage condition)
Appearance Colourless Gas
Freezing Point -162.55 °C
Vapour Pressure @ 20 °C 5.275 atm
Odour Weak unpleasant smell
Vapour Density 1.803 (Air = 1)
Solubility in Water insoluble
Specific Gravity 0.540 to 0.560 Kg/Ltr @ 15 Deg. C
For Technical Specs, please see LPG V/s CNG page.
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