Why Auto Gas
Auto LPG widely known as Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel, powering more than 11 million vehicles worldwide in over 45 countries. Its environmental benefits, practical advantages, safety and overall effectiveness have already been widely demonstrated.
If you have still not adopted Auto LPG and running your vehicle on a conventional fuel like petrol (in India, only petrol driven vehicles are permitted for Auto LPG conversion), here are few facts about Auto LPG which will remove all of your doubts!
1. Save Fuel Cost
Autogas is cheaper than petrol (40-50% depending upon tax structure). It also enjoys various government incentives in certain countries to encourage its use.
Government have also remained pro-active in providing tax incentives for initial Conversion Kits installation in vehicles already in use. Study in India have proved that all high mileage drivers converting to Autogas option have actually recovered their entire cost of conversion from the savings they made vis-à-vis petrol cost within first year itself.
Then why wait, go for Autogas today itself, and save your valuable money?
2. Protect environment
Autogas is an immediate concrete solution to improve air quality especially in urban areas.
In terms of air-borne emissions of the principal regulated noxious gases, Autogas is among the lowest of all automotive fuels available today. According to scientific testing, Autogas yields 50% less carbon monoxide, 40% less hydrocarbons, 35% less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 50% less ozone forming potential compared to petrol.
Autogas also plays very important role in mitigating climate change. It has among the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available fuels, when measured over its full life. It produces average 20% less CO2 equivalent to petrol when total emissions from well to wheel are taken into consideration. When tailpipe emissions levels alone are tested, Autogas produces up to 15% less emission.
European Norms for Vehicular Emissions
Pullutants — CO HC NOX PM
1992 Euro 1 4.5 1.1 8 0.36
1996 Euro 2 4 1.1 7 0.15
1999 Euro 3 2 0.66 5.5 0.15
Auto LPG 2 0.5. 3.5 0.08
       Meaning, Autogas vehicle easily meet EuroIII norms!
The present and past of Delhi, India’s Capital City after replacement from conventional fuels to Gas in commercial vehicles alone is a live example of what miracles Gas Conversion can create and the role it can play in improving environment and health of urbanites!
Why not we contribute to provide a better environment to our buddies tomorrow by adopting Autogas today?
3 Optimise engine performance
The performance of Autogas as compared to Petrol is par excellence. No compromise with the driving comfort at all. The performance and operational characteristics of Autogas vehicles as compared to traditional petrol driven vehicles are better than ALL other alternative fuel options.
Autogas is a high octane fuel which allows increased engine-power output and better efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and engine wear and maintenance requirements. If you are concerned about your vehicle’s life after use of Autogas, remember that it adds life to your engine.
Autogas is also the best performing alternative fuel for starting vehicles in cold climates
If not convinced, have a test drive today and confirm!
4. Safe ? Yes!
The safety record of Autogas is not less than - petrol or diesel. Improved technologies have helped upgrade safety features. Tanks are much stronger than comparable petrol tanks and are able to withstand high impact in the event of collision. Each & every tank and its joints are tested and certified before its actual use. Studies have proved that in the event of accidents when entire car have been damaged, the Auto LPG tanks have remained intact! Means safer than petrol! In certain countries, insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles converted with Autogas option in view of increased safety features.
Multi Function Valve & Solenoid Valves in the Conversion Kit automatically shut if a leakage occurs in the fuel system, meaning that gas can no longer flow from the tank. Automatic Fill Limiter feature ensures sufficient space for vapour and accidental damages to tanks. Moreover, an Autogas car has a closed and environmentally-sound fuel system which prevents fuel spillage and evaporation.
Lets not mix-up the domestic LPG use with automotive use. If Autogas is risky and remember that petrol/diesel are not less risky at all! Like any other hydro-carbon, it’s a fuel to generate energy.
5. Permitted ? Yes!
Autogas conversion is permitted by more than 45 countries and in certain places, made compulsory!
In India, Government have amended Central Motor Vehicle Rules to incorporate conversion into existing Petrol Driven 3 & 4 wheelers to be operated on DUEL fuels, i.e. petrol & Autogas. An existing conventional-fuel vehicle is converted to run on Autogas by installing an approved conversion kit allowing the vehicle to switch between both fuels. Specialist companies using standardised kits, including a parallel Autogas fuel system and tank, typically carry out conversions. These conversion kits are subjected to vigorous tests conducted at reknowned establishments like ARAI, Pune (Automotive Research Association of India), VRDE, Ahmednagar (Vehicle Research & Development Establishment of Ministry of Defence) or IIP, Dehradun (Indian Institute of Petroleum).
Kit Manufactures have got their conversion system approved for all most all the vehicles manufactured in India. Reputed Vehicle Manufacturers like Maruti, HM, Mahindra, Bajaj, etc. have taken lot of interest to provide Autogas option at first stage itself! Their popular cars & 3 wheelers are now available with duel fuel mode.
Please don’t be scary, whether your vehicle is new or old. All you need is to go for a reputed brand of conversion kit from an approved workshop and make your life easier!
6. Refuelling easy
Autogas is a highly portable fuel which means that its refuelling structure can be extended easily over wide areas. Where there is an existing petrol/diesel retail outlet, Autogas dispensing is possible (depending upon space availability and siting norms). Just like petrol, LPG is also transported in road-tankers.
This inherent advantage have attracted more and more places in India to have made Autogas availability, may it be with existing retail outlet or stand alone Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS), like of VSM.
All major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Banglore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Pune, etc. etc. have Autogas availability. Everyday a new city is joining this club.
If you do not find Autogas availability nearby, just get in touch with us!
Autogas is not a new fuel but a reliable, clean and convenient alternative fuel with a proven track record.
More than 11 million motorists have chosen the Autogas option – and this trend is growing at a rate of 12-15% per year. In India alone, the expectations are even brighter with 50% growth projected through 2006.
Autogas has been used in automobiles, trucks, buses, and a variety of off-road vehicles since the 1960s around the world. In today’s market place, consumers have the choice to make socially responsible decisions that can improve the quality of life for all.
When choosing Autogas, clean air + energy diversity + cost savings = the right choice for today and tomorrow.
Go for Autogas, today
VSM Solicits ALDS & Cylinder testing facility inquiry for following towns of India on first come first served basis : Baroda , Delhi , Ahemdabad , Rajkot , Aagra , Pune , Mumbai , Hydrabad.
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